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Pets Opinions of Pets

His, her and my





1 Quia Games to learn animal words.
2 Quia Can you match the French words with the correct pictures of pets?
3 PicMatch Drag and drop matching activity on pets.
4 PicNoughts Noughts and crosses games on pets.
5 PicChoice How many pets can you identify before you run out of time or lives?
6 PicMissing Which pet is missing?
7 PicBlur How quickly can you identify blurry pictures of pets?
8 Bananas Find the hidden pairs of pets.
9 Noughts Play noughts and crosses with pet words.
10 Noughts Quick game of noughts and crosses to revise pets.
11 PicBelt Pick the matching picture on the conveyor belt to revise pets.
12 PicNoughts Noughts and crosses game on pets.
13 PicMemory Find the hidden pairs - sentences about pets.
14 PicBlur Can you identify the blurry pictures of pets before they come into focus? What's your highest score?
  Opinions of Pets
1 Penguin Help the penguin cross the ice floes to reach his family by answering quiz questions about opinions of pets.
2 Aztec How many quiz questions on opinions of pets will you get right in this Aztec quiz?
3 Bee Quiz How many bees can you win in this quiz about opinions of pets?
4 Treasure Can you find the most valuable treasure? You will need to answer questions about opinions of pets.
5 Rhubarb Spell out words for pets by tapping on the correct letter tiles, but watch out, the tiles jump about!
6 Mobile Can you sort out these jumbled text messages about pets? (This also practises the plural words for pets).
7 Cloze Drag and drop activity - create a paragraph about my family's pets and write it in your book in French and English.
  His, her and my
1 Quia His, her or my? What is your score on this quiz?
1 PicMatch Drag and drop matching activity to practise sentences about a family.
2 PicNoughts Play noughts and crosses with family sentences.
3 PicChoice How many family sentences can you understand before you run out of time?
4 PicMissing Can you spot the missing family picture?
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