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  Days and Months
1 Presentation Introduction to days and months in French - use the controls to show more or fewer words and to swap between French and English.
2 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on days and months.
3 Noughts One or two player games of noughts and crosses on days and months.
4 Snap Play snap with the French words for days and months. Copy this letter to help you to spell one of the months
5 Anagrams Can you unjumble these anagrams of days and months?
1 Bananas Win bananas by answering quiz questions on dates.
2 Snakes Play snakes and ladders on dates.
3 Trio Dates: Who will be the first to get three in a row?
1 Penguin Help the penguin to cross the ice floes to reach his family by answering questions about birthdays.
2 Snakes Snakes and ladders game: When is your birthday?
3 BeeQuiz Win bees in this birthday quiz!
4 Treasure Find the hidden treasure by answering questions about birthdays.
5 Quia Birthdays and star signs.
6 Hangman Hangman games on presents.
7 Noughts One or two player games of noughts and crosses to practise words for presents.
8 Bananas Find the hidden presents.
9 Rhubarb Spell out the presents, but watch out for quakes!
10 Wordsearch What do you think of your presents or the activities? Find the hidden words.
11 PicMatch What presents did you receive?
12 PicNoughts Noughts and crosses game on presents.
13 PicBelt Select the right present from the conveyor belt.
14 PicBlur Can you identify these blurred presents?
15 PicMissing Which present is missing?
16 Noughts One or two player game to practise opinions.
17 Tetris Stop the opinion words piling to the top by typing them correctly.
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