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1 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on characteristics.
2 Multichoice How many characteristics can you match before you run out of time or lives?
3 Snap Play snap with characteristics.
4 Wksht Print and complete this worksheet on characteristics.
1 Penguin Help the penguin to cross the ice - quiz on family relationships.
2 Luckyladder Win a million pounds - quiz on family relationships.
3 Topoftheclass Who will be top of the class in this quiz on family relationships?
4 Treasure Find the hidden treasure - quiz on family relationships.
5 Snakes Snakes and ladders game on family relationships.
6 Wksht Either print and complete this quiz on family relationships or write the questions and correct answers in your books.
1 smiley TaskMagic gameboard to practise vocabulary connected to music.
2 Gaptext How well can you reconstruct this text about music? You will need to know a range of present, past and near future verb forms.
3 Jumbled Can you work out the right order for the lines in this text? They have been mixed up.
1 Presentation Introduction to words for clothes. Click on the arrow to swap between French and English.
2 Hangman Play hangman with words for clothes.
3 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on clothes.
4 Noughts One or two player games of noughts and crosses on clothes.
5 Memory Find the hidden words for clothes.
6 Multichoice How many words for clothes can you identify before you run out of time or lives.
7 Snap Play snap with words for clothes.
8 Missing Can you spot the missing piece of clothing?
9 Worksheet Print and complete this worksheet on clothes.
10 Anagrams Fun way to learn how to spell words for clothes.
11 Task Magic games on clothes and colours.
12 Quia Play this matching game on adjectives. Can you choose the correct spellings of the colours?
13 channel4 Play 'dress to impress' to practise words for clothes on this Channel 4 website 'Chez Mimi'.
14 Task Magic games to practise the near future.
  Personal Profile
1 Matchup Drag and drop activity to practise words on a personal profile.
2 Syllabary Can you rebuild these words from a personal profile?
3 Multichoice How many profile words can you recognise before you run out of time?
4 Snap Play snap with words from a personal profile.
5 Mosaics Move the mosaic tiles to discover words from a personal profile - can you solve all 4 mosaic puzzles?
6 Cloze Reconstruct these sentences about personal information. Write the finished sentences in your book.
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