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  Parts of the Body
1 Noughts One or two player games of noughts and crosses on parts of the body.
2 Bananas Find the hidden parts of the body!
3 Letterdrop Use the magnets to catch the right letters to spell parts of the body.
4 Rhubarb Spell out parts of the body, but watch out for quakes!
5 Quia Matching game for words connected to the head.
6 Match up Which product is for which part of the body? Beat the 15 second challenge!
7 Dustbin Sort the parts of the body and the head into the right dustbin.
  Sport and Fitness
1 Quia Win a million euros. How fit are you?
2 Quia Can you give instructions to people doing keep fit?
  Healthy Eating
1 Quia How many food words do you know?
2 Quia Matching game on healthy eating.
3 Quia Fill in the correct missing words to complete the advice for staying healthy.
4 Quiz You have just 15 seconds to answer each question in this multiple-choice quiz about healthy and unhealthy eating. How many can you get right?
5 Cloze Reconstruct these French sentences about food and drink.
6 Categories Multiple choice quiz - past, present or future?
7 CatTap Select all of the correct sentences - do they refer to the past, present or the future?
8 CatSort Sort all of the sentences into the right categories - past, present or future?
  Getting Fit
  Levels of Fitness
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