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1 Snakes Play this snakes and ladders game to practise free time vocabulary so that you can update your facebook profile to write about what you and your friends do.
2 Quiz How many bananas can you win in this quiz about free time vocabulary?
  Opinions of People
1 Quia Matching game to practise adjectives to describe people.
2 TaskMagic games on characteristics and describing people.
3 Fling Can you fling the teacher? You need to know how to compare people.
4 Click on the doctor to play Channel 4's Who's Who game on describing people. How good a detective are you?
  Arranging to go out
1 Quia Making excuses rather than going out.
2 PicMatch Drag and drop matching activity on reasons for not going to a party.
3 PicBelt Select the right picture on the conveyor belt - why can't you go to the party?
4 PicBlur Can you identify the excuse for not going to the party before it comes into focus?
  Describing a Date
1 Quia Sort the dialogue on going out into the right order.
2 Rags Win a million Euros. What might a date ask you?
3 Plank Can you make your teacher walk the plank? What questions might you be asked on a blind date?
4 Quia Matching activities to practise adjectives you could use to describe yourself or an ideal date.
5 Multichoice Multiple choice quiz on adjectives to describe your ideal partner.
6 Quia Matching activities. What questions might you ask a blind date?
  Music Events
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