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  Where you live
  Describing Homes
1 Cloud Cuckoo Did you use this website in primary school? Click on this link to revise vocabulary about a house.
2 Matchup Drag and drop activity to practise rooms in the house.
3 Memory Find the hidden pairs of rooms.
4 Snap Play snap with words for the rooms in the house. Who will have the highest score?
5 Bananas Find the hidden pairs of rooms.
6 Noughts One or two-player noughts and crosses games on rooms in the house.
7 BBC Activity to match descriptions of houses to pictures
8 Quia How many words do you know about the house?
  Meals at Home
1 Penalty Penalty shoot out activity to practise negative expressions.
2 Penalty Try this penalty shoot-out game. Do the speakers like or dislike the food mentioned?
  Buying Food
1 channel4 Visit this Channel 4 website to play the Grocery Store game. Click on the picture of the waiter to start. You will need to know words for fruit, vegetables and other food items to help Jean-Luc unpack his shopping. Use the mouse to find out the names of places in his kitchen to help you to get maximum points. Try all 3 levels of this game.
  Events and Celebrations
1 Website Visit this website to find out about Mardi Gras in France.
2 Website Visit this website to look at photos of the carnival in Nice in the South of France.
3 Website Visit this website about 'le carnaval de Québec' - includes a video and two songs.
4 Noughts Play noughts and crosses on words from the Québec carnival song 'Chanson du carnaval'.
5 Bananas Find the hidden words about the carnival in Québec.
6 Tiletap Tap on the right letters to spell out these words about carnival.
7 Rhubarb Spell out carnival words, but watch out for quakes. Each word will turn red if you make a mistake - aim to keep them green.
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