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Basics Time Christmas Family Easter Sport Home Berlin
1 Hallo! 2 Schule (A) 3 Weihnachten 4 Familie und Freunde 5 Ostern 6 Freizeit (A) 7 Mein Zuhause 8 Stadt und Land
Carnival Holiday Food Shopping Homework Illness Balloons Media
9 Karneval 10 Die Ferien 11 Essen und Trinken 12 Einkaufen und Geld 13 Nach der Schule 14 Gesundheit 15 Ausgehen 16 Die Medien
School Careers Environment Relationships Germany Leisure Help Help
17 Schule (B) 18 Die Zukunft 19 Meine Welt, deine Welt 20 Leute Heute 21 Projekt Deutschland 22 Freizeit (B) Help Sheets Useful Links

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German sounds

Foreign accents and your computer
Revision of 'a'
Present tense revision
Word order (verb is 2nd idea)
Year 7 Levels - how can you progress to the next level?
Year 8 Levels - how can you progress to the next level?
Y9 Levels - how can you progress to the next level?

Download helpful documents from the list above

Do these activities to practise the 'Language of Improvement':
1 Quia Match the German and English sentences.
2 Quia Draw lines between the correct words or phrases
3 Quia Battleships game.
4 Quia Win a million euros!


Links to other useful websites:

BBC Tips from the BBC for learning words.
BBC Tips from the BBC to help you with speaking and listening.


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