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1 You Tube Sing along to 'Polonäse Blankenese' by Gottlieb Wendehals!
2 You Tube Sing along to 'Da steht ein Pferd aufm Flur' by Klaus and Klaus!
3 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on carnival words.
4 Multichoice How many carnival words can you identify before you run out of time or lives?
5 Syllabary Drag and drop carnival words creation activity.
6 Snap Play snap with carnival words.
7 Webcam You need a webcam for this activity. Use your hand, your head or hold an object and wave it to show you recognise these carnival words.
8 Cloze Monkey madness activity to create sentences about carnival time in Munich.
9 Mobile Unjumble these text messages about carnival time in Cologne.
10 Gaptext Drag and drop gapfill activity - this person likes carnival time.
11 Gaptext Another gapfill activity, but this time the writer doesn't like carnival time.

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