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Compass Points Weather Places in a Town
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  Compass Points
1 Quia Battleships game to practise the compass points in German.
2 Quia Matching games to practise compass points.
1 Quia Flashcards to help you to learn some 'wenn' sentences with weather and activities (Logo Rot page 44).
2 Quia Choose the correct ending to these sentences about what you can do in different types of weather (Logo Rot page 44).
  Places in a Town
1 Presentation Use this activity to research places in a town in German.
2 Hangman Play hangman with places in the town.
3 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on places in the town.
4 Multichoice How many places in a town can you match before you run out of time or lives?
5 Syllabary Put the bits of words back in place to make words for places in a town.
6 Quia Spelling test on the places in a town.
7 Fling Do you how to describe a town in German? If so, you can fling the teacher!
8 Quia Rags to Riches game based on a description of a town.
9 TaskMagic Play these TaskMagic games to learn how to give negative opinions about where you live.
  Dream Town
1 Flashcards Flip the cards to see if you have guessed correctly what you would like in your dream town. Ich hätte gern .... I would like ...
2 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on places in a dream town. Ich hätte gern ...
3 Memory Find the hidden pairs of places in a dream town.
4 Snap Play snap on places in an ideal town. Who gets the highest score?
5 Syllabary Drag and drop activity - fill in the missing syllables. What would you like in your dream town?
6 Labelling Label these places in a dream town in German. Copy and paste this ß so that you can spell the German for football stadium correctly.
7 Quiz Matching activity on a dream town. What would your dream town have?
  Types of Transport
1 Quia Practise directions.
2 Jigword Matching task to practise directions.
3 Bananas Pelmanism game on directions.
4 Drop Letter drop game on directions.
5 Quia Listening activity. Can you understand these directions? Decide on the answer before you turn the flashcard over!
6 Hennings Haus! Play the Town Trail game.
1 Website Discover Munich - a tourist's guide to Munich.
2 Fling How far can you fling the teacher? You will have to understand 'Man kann' sentences to do this!
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