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1 PicNoughts Play noughts and crosses with Christmas vocabulary.
2 PicChoice How many christmas words can you identify before you run out of time or lives.
3 PicMissing Spot the missing picture.
4 Quia Picture matching activities on German Christmas traditions.
5 Quia Can you draw lines between the German Christmas words and the correct English translations?
6 Quiz How much do you know about a traditional German Christmas?
7 Presentation Use this activity to find out the meanings of verbs used in the following activities.
8 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on the above verbs.
9 Multichoice How many verbs can you match before you run out of time or lives? What is your top score?
10 Challenge Try this Christmas quiz!
11 Penguin Help the penguin to reach his family by answering quiz questions about Christmas.
12 Gaptext Drag the verbs back into the right place to create a paragraph about Christmas in Germany.
13 Penalty Penalty shoot out game on celebrating Christmas.
14 Link Visit this website to find out how young Swiss people celebrate Christmas.

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