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  Steckbrief (ID Card)
1 Matchup Drag and drop activity on words from a Steckbrief.
2 Multichoice How many words from a Steckbrief will you recognise before you run out of time?
3 Syllabary Can you rebuild these words from a Steckbrief?
4 Snap Play snap with words found on a Steckbrief.
5 Match Can you match up these items on an identity card (Steckbrief) in under 25 seconds?
6 Mosaics How quickly can you solve these four Steckbrief mosaic puzzles?
7 Mobile Starting with age or name, can you reconstruct these secret text messages on personal information?
1 Presentation Use this activity to research words for nationalities in German and English.
2 Hangman Play hangman with nationalities.
3 Anagrams Can you unjumble these nationalities?
4 Multichoice How many words for nationalities can you match before you run out of time or lives?
5 Quia Challenge game to learn nationalities - how many points can you get?
6 Quia Win a million Euros in this Rags to Riches quiz. Where do the sportsmen and women come from?
  German States
1 Quia Can you match each of the 16 German states with the right capital town?
2 Quia Now work out where each of the 16 German states are located within Germany. You have some help on page 96 of Echo Rot 3.
3 Multichoice Find the answers to this multiple choice quiz about the German states on pages 96-97 of Echo Rot 3.
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