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Family Characteristics Family Relationships
Rules in the Home Ideal Date







1 Hangman Play hangman on family words.
2 PicMatch Drag and drop matching activity to practise sentences about a family.
3 PicNoughts Play noughts and crosses with family sentences.
4 PicChoice How many family sentences can you understand before you run out of time?
5 PicMissing Can you spot the missing family picture?
6 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on family words.
7 Multichoice How many family words can you match before you run out of time or lives? Who has the best score in the class?
8 Snap Play snap with family words. Keep a record of your best score.
1 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on adjectives to talk about relationships
2 Wordpoints Can you identify the right translations for these adjectives?
3 Noughts One or two player games of noughts and crosses on characteristics.
4 Anagrams Click on the right letters to spell out the characteristics.
5 Multichoice How many characteristics can you match before you run out of time or lives? What's your highest score?
6 Snap Play snap with characteristics.
7 Wksht Print and complete this worksheet on characteristics.
  Family Relationships
1 Quiz Complete this multiple choice quiz before trying the next activities - this practises key vocabulary.
2 Penguin Help the penguin to cross the ice - quiz on family relationships.
3 Luckyladder Win a million pounds - quiz on family relationships.
4 Treasure Find the hidden treasure - quiz on family relationships.
5 Snakes Snakes and ladders game on family relationships.
6 Wksht Either print and complete this quiz on family relationships or write the questions and correct answers in your books.
7 Gaptext Fill in the missing words. How well does this person get on with family?
8 Codebuster Can you break the hidden code? How well does this person get on with family?
9 Quia Quiz testing 'weil' sentences for family relationships.
10 Wheel One or two player games of wheel of fortune on family relationships.
11 Mobile Can you unjumble these text messages about family relationships?
12 Mosaic Drag and drop mosaic puzzles on family relationships.
13 Phrasecloud Grab the right words to make sentences about family relationships.
  Rules in the Home
1 Quia What are the rules in your home?
  Ideal Date
1 Gaptext Drag and drop gapfill activity on describing your ideal date.
2 Codebuster Can you solve the code and create a description of an ideal date?
3 Worksheet Complete this gapfill worksheet about your dream partner. Print the worksheet or copy it out into your book.
4 Quiz Speed-dating. Multiple choice questions to practise adjectives to describe yourself or your ideal date.
5 Quia Speed-dating. What kind of person are you looking for? Practise adjectives to describe your ideal date.
6 channel4 Meet your dream partner through this fun Channel 4 game and revise personal information at the same time!
7 Quia What would you do on a date?
8 Have a look at the above animation. Make notes in English in your exercise book on what the characters say and think.
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