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1 Bananas Matching game to practise jobs.
2 smile TaskMagic games to practise jobs. Notice the different spellings for males and females.
3 Elephant Help Mimi the elephant cross the high wire by matching jobs with the right work places.
4 Quiz Multiple choice quiz about jobs and work places - choose easy-peasy, fair or intense!
5 Treasure Can you find the most valuable hidden treasure? You will need to match jobs and work places to win.
6 Gaptext Drag and drop gapfill activity about my job as a sports journalist.
7 Worksheet Printable version of the above gapfill activity.
1 Hangman Hangman games on vocabulary found on a C.V.
2 Flash Flashcard activity to practise vocabulary for a C.V.
3 Noughts One or two player games of noughts and crosses on vocabulary for a C.V.
4 Bananas Find the hidden pairs of words from a C.V.
5 Wdsearch Find the hidden words from a German C.V.
6 Letterdrop Use the magnets to grab the right letters to spell words found on a C.V.
7 Rhubarb This is great fun! Try to spell the words from a C.V. before the letters jump around. Hint: the word will only stay green if you pick the right letters.
8 Match Find the matching terms on this German C.V. Keep this activity open to help you to design your own C.V in German.
  Future Plans
1 Matchup Vocabulary matching activities to help you to prepare for activity 4.
2 Wordpoints Can you identify the correct German words?
3 Snap Play snap with key words to help you with activity 4.
4 Gaptext Drag the words into the right gaps to create a text about Sara's school life and her future plans.
5 Jumbled Can you unjumble each of the words in the text to re-create the above text about Sara?
6 Quia What are your future plans?
7 Quia Win a million Euros by answering questions on future plans.
8 Fling Fling the Teacher game on future plans.
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