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Writing Reports on Teachers School Rules Plans for next Term
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  Opinions of Subjects
1 Quia Games to practise school subjects and opinions.
2 TaskMagic3 actvities to practise giving opinions of school subjects.
3 Cloze Drag the words into the right spaces to create a text about school subjects and opinions.
4 Punctuate Can you put the commas and full stops in the right place in this text giving opinions of school subjects.
5 Quia Rags to riches game for the timetable on page 24 of Logo Rot.
  Comparing Subjects
1 Presentation Introduction to adjectives and comparative adjectives.
2 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on adjectives.
3 Multichoice How many adjectives can you match before you run out of time or lives?
4 Snap Play snap with adjectives and comparative adjectives.
5 Quia Columns game for comparing subjects.
6 Quia Another columns game for comparing subjects.
7 Quia More games to practise comparing subjects.
8 smile TaskMagic3 activities for adjectives and comparative adjectives. See home page for instructions on installing TaskMagic.
9 smile TaskMagic3 puzzle - how well do you know comparative adjectives?
10 Penguin Help the penguin to reach his family by answering questions on comparative adjectives.
11 Quiz Multiple choice quiz on comparing school subjects.
12 Treasure How much treasure can you win? You'll need to understand how to compare subjects to win lots!
13 Quia Drop down quiz on adjectives (including comparative and superlative forms).
14 Quia Which subjects do you like most? (Superlative adjectives)
15 Quia Columns game - which subjects do you like the most? (Superlatives)
16 Quia Rags to riches quiz for the survey on page 27 of Logo Rot (superlatives).
17 Quia Challenge game for 1 or 2 players using words from pages 24-27 Logo Rot.
  Describing a School
1 Join up these halves of sentences to build a description of The Sutton Academy.
2 Quia Practise these places in a school building.
3 Quia How well can you spell rooms and places in a school building?
  Writing Reports on Teachers
1 Wordpoints How many of these superlative adjectives do you know?
2 Noughts One or two player games on superlative adjectives.
3 Multichoice How many superlative adjectives can you identify before you run out of time or lives? What is your best score?
4 Anagrams Can you unjumble these superlative adjectives?
5 Hangman Can you work out these sentences about teachers?
6 Wordpoints What are your teachers like? Spot the correct German sentence.
7 Matchup Drag and drop activity - what are your teachers like?
8 Anagrams Try this challenge activity creating sentences about teachers.
9 Wheel Wheel of fortune games for one or two players creating sentences about teachers.
10 Mobile Put these jumbled up text messages about teachers back in the right order.
11 Clouds Create sentences about teachers - try to catch the right clouds!
  School Rules
1 Quia Games to practise school rules vocabulary.
2 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on school rules.
3 Wordpoints Can you identify the matching sentence (school rules).
4 Webcam Multiple choice game on school rules - this is more fun if you have a webcam!
5 Penalty Try this penalty shoot-out game on school rules.
6 Bee races How many races can your bee win?
7 Battleships Try to sink the enemy ships by answering questions about school rules.
8 Test Test on school rules. What is your score?
9 Podcast Level 5. Listen to Kim talking about school rules in Germany then complete these tasks in your exercise book.
  Plans for next Term
1 Quia Matching game to practise the future tense. What will you do next term?
2 Jigword Complete the sentences. What will you do next term?
3 Wdweb Follow the paths to spell out the rest of the sentences. What will you do next term?
4 Fling You can fling the teacher if you know sentences for what you will do next term.
5 Quia Practise the future tense in this matching activiy on your plans for next term.
  Revision Podcasts
1 Podcast Level 4. Listen to Kim talking about her school timetable and the subjects she is studying. Then answer these questions in your exercise book.
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