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Pocket Money Practising Tenses (Pocket Money)







1 Quia

Do you recognise Euros and Cents? Match the pictures to the sentences.
2 Penalty Play this penalty shoot-out game - should you say kostet (singular) or kosten (plural) to complete these sentences?

3 Euro

Visit this website and see how much English money you would get for €20.

4 Web

Visit this website to find out about the Swiss currency.
  Buying Fruit and Vegetables
  Different Types of Shops
1 Word points Can you spot the correct words for different types of shops?
2 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on types of shops.
3 Anagrams Practise spelling different types of shops, where do you buy things?
4 Rhubarb Click on the right letters to spell out words for shops.
5 Elephant Help Mimi the elephant to walk the tightrope. To which shop should you go to to buy these items?
6 Quiz Try this multiple choice quiz on shopping, what can you buy where?
7 Gap text Drag and drop gapfill activity on shopping. This practises present, past and future tense verb forms.
8 Worksheet Printable version of the above activity.
9 smile Open up this game board and choose which activities you want to do to practise past tense sentences about shopping.
10 smile This game board also practises past tense sentences about shopping.
11 smile These TaskMagic activities practise future tense sentences about shopping.
12 channel4 Try this Channel 4 shopping challenge from the on-line magazine extr@.
  Department Stores
1 Quia Practise words connected to department stores.
2 smile TaskMagic games to practise phrases connected to a department store. See home page for instructions on installing TaskMagic.

3 KaDeWe

Visit the website of KaDeWe Berlin - the biggest department store in Europe.
4 Quia Matching activities to practise vocabulary for the store plan for das KaDeWe.
5 Multichoice How many words connected to KaDeWe can you match before you run out of time or lives?
6 Syllabary Drag the missing syllables back into place to build words connected to das KaDeWe.
7 Worksheet Print and complete this matching worksheet to show you understand words connected to das KaDeWe.
8 Speedword Spell words against the clock (KaDeWe store plan).
9 Word Download and print this store plan (Wegweiser) for the KaDeWe. You need it to play the Penalty Shoot-out game.
10 Penalty Play this Penalty Shoot-Out game on the KaDeWe - don't forget to print the store plan first!
11 Quia Quiz for one or two players on the euro and the department store.
  Shopping for Souvenirs
1 Hangman Can you identify these souvenirs?
2 Bananas Find the pairs (souvenirs).
3 Noughts Noughts and crosses - one or two player game on souvenirs.
4 Tiletap Spell out these words for souvenirs.
5 Cloze Reconstruct these future tense sentences - shopping for souvenirs. Write the finished 7 German sentences in your book.
6 Fling Can you fling the teacher? You will have to answer questions about the future tense and shopping for souvenirs before you can do so!
  Shopping Podcasts
1 Podcast Level 3. Listen to Eva talking about shopping, then print and complete this worksheet.
2 Podcast Level 4. Listen to Eva talking about shopping, then print and complete this worksheet.
  Pocket Money
1 Wordpoints Spot the correct floating sentences about pocket money (present tense verbs).
2 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity about pocket money.
3 Snap Play snap with sentences about pocket money.
4 Syllabary Can you reconstruct these sentences about pocket money?
  Practising Tenses
1 Wheel One or two player game to practise past tense sentences about pocket money.
2 Phrasecloud Drag out words in the correct order to create future tense sentences about pocket money.
3 Mobile Can you sort out these jumbled text messages about pocket money - they are all in the future tense.
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