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1 Quia Practise breakfast food and drink items.
2 smile Play these TaskMagic games to practise breakfast words. See home page for information on how to install TaskMagic.
3 Quiz Win bananas by answering questions about breakfast food.
4 Trio Who will be first to get 3 in a row in this quiz about breakfast food?
5 Snakes Play snakes and ladders on breakfast food.
6 Cloze Build sentences about breakfast - watch out for the word order (practises verb 2nd idea rule and word order with wenn).
  Fruit and Vegetables
1 PicNoughts Noughts and crosses games on fruit.
2 PicMissing Spot the missing fruit.
3 PicMatch Drag and drop matching activity on vegetables.
4 PicChoice How many vegetables can you identify before you run out of time or lives?
  Food and Drink Items
1 PicBelt Pick the right sources of protein off the conveyor belt.
2 PicMemory Find the hidden pairs of protein-rich food items e.g meat, fish, eggs, cheese.
3 PicChoice How many sources of protein can you identify before you run out of time or lives?
4 PicMatch Drag and drop matching activity on a selection of other food items.
5 PicNoughts Noughts and crosses game on the above selection of food items.
6 Presentation Use the sliding bars to choose how many words you view - how many of these words do you already know?
7 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on food and drink words. Play this more than once. There are 37 different words and phrases to match in total.
8 Multichoice How many pairs can you find before you run out of time or lives?
9 Syllabary Drag and drop activity to help you to spell food and drink words from memory.
10 Snap Play snap with words connected to food and drink.
11 Rhubarb Click on the right tiles to spell a selection of the above words, but watch out for quakes!
12 Webcam You need a webcam to play this game on food and drink items!
13 Anagrams Can you solve these jumbled word puzzles for words connected to food and drink?
14 Quia Practise words for food and drink.
15 Quia Picture matching games for lunch and dinner words.
16 Quia Practise German words for food and drinks - draw a line between matching words.
17 Invaders Space invaders game on food and drink.
  Healthy Eating
1 CatChoice Are these food and drink items healthy or unhealthy?
2 CatTap Sorting activity on healthy and unhealthy food and drink items.
3 CatSort Drag and drop sorting activity on healthy and unhealthy food - copy the completed activity into your book.
  Opinions of Food and Drink
1 Gaptext Drag and drop the words into the right gaps to create a level 5 text about opinions of food and drink.
2 Jumbled Can you drag the lines of the above text back in the right order?
3 Worksheet Print this worksheet version of the gaptext activity on opinions of food and drink - this is a level 5 activity.
4 Snap Play snap with opinions of food.
5 Rhubarb Can you spell these opinions of food? Watch out for quakes. The word turns red if you make a mistake.
6 Wksheet Matching worksheet on opinions of food.
7 Match-up Beat the time challenge to match up the correct halves of 6 sentences on food and opinions - you have just 40 seconds!
8 Fling You can fling your teacher if you understand opinions about food and drink.
9 MatchUp Join up the sentence halves on justifying opinions of food.
10 Diamond 9 Re-arrange post-its in order of what food and drink you like best. What you like best should be at the top and what you like least at the bottom. Feel free to edit the sentences. Can you include opinions and add reasons for your opinions? Print a copy for your book or insert a copy into your document using software like Paint.
  Ice Cream Parlours
1 Quia How many ice cream flavours do you know?
2 Quia Picture matching activities for the ice cream topic.

3 Link

Visit Franck's ice cream parlour in Berlin and read his menu! Click on 'Eiskarte'.

4 Eis

Read the ice cream menu from the Eiscafé-Vittoria.

5 Eis

Another ice cream menu to tempt you.
1 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on types of pizzas. Which is your favourite? Mein Lieblingspizza ist ...
2 Snap Play snap with different types of pizza.
3 PicMatch Drag and drop activity on different types of pizza. What do you like to eat?
4 PicMemory Find the hidden pairs of pizzas.
5 PicBlur Can you identify the pizza variety before each picture comes fully into focus? What is your best score?
6 PicMissing Which type of pizza is missing?
7 Cloze Monkey madness game. Drag and drop sentence-building activity to give opinions of pizzas. Can you fill the glass monkeys to the top?
1 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on key words found on a restaurant menu.
2 Anagrams Click on the right letters to spell out a selection of restaurant menu words.
3 Link Click on the link to see an authentic German restaurant menu. Make some notes in English in your book on the food on offer at this restaurant. Can you include at least one starter, one main meal, one dessert and one drink?
4 Categories Drag and drop restaurant sorting activity - are these items starters, main courses, desserts or drinks?
5 CatTap Select the word tiles which match each category. Are these items starters, main courses, desserts or drinks?
6 CatClick How quickly can you spot starters, main courses, desserts and drinks?
7 Dustbin Sort the starters (Vorspeisen), main meals (Hauptgerichte), desserts (Nachtische) and drinks (Getränke) into the right dustbins!
8 Presentation How many opinions can you give of restaurant food? Click on the arrows to swap languages.
9 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on opinions of restaurant food.
10 Multichoice How many opinions of restaurant food can you match before you run out of time or lives?
11 Gaptext Can you put the opinions back into this review of a restaurant? Select preset gaps option.
12 Wksheet Printable version of the above gaptext activity.
13 Jumble This review of a restaurant visit has been jumbled up, can you drag the lines of the text back into the right order?
1 Quia Practise these common recipe words.
2 Weblink Have a look at these German recipes, can you understand or find out the ingredients? Try playing the game above this link to help you to understand more of the recipe words.
3 Invaders What do you need to make an omelette?
4 Web Find out how to make some Austrian specialities like Wiener Schnitzel.
5 Lied Now that you can follow German recipes, listen to this song by the Wise Guys called 'Chocolate Chip Cookies'. It's a great video!
  Practising Tenses
1 Quia Picture matching game to practise the past tense of 'essen' and 'trinken'.
2 Quia Try this quiz on the past tense. What is your score out of 12?
3 Multichoice Quiz on food and drink sentences in the past tense.
4 PPT Open this Powerpoint presentation and work through all of the slides to learn how to use the future tense.
5 TaskMagic Complete these TaskMagic games on the future tense.
6 Cloze Monkey madness activity. Improve your knowledge of the future tense by putting these party food planning sentences back in the right order.
7 Matchup Drag and drop matching activity on food and drink to practise a range of tenses.
8 Memory Find the hidden pairs of sentences in a range of tenses.
9 Snap Play snap with the above sentences.
10 Penalty Level 6 reading practice - Do you normally eat these items? Have you eaten them in the past? Will you eat them in the future?
11 CatChoice Multiple choice quiz - past, present or future?
12 CatTap Do these sentences refer to the past, present or future?
13 CatSort Sort all of the sentences into the right categories - past, present or future?
1 Podcast Level 3. Listen to Kim talking about what she likes to eat and drink. Download this worksheet and move the items into the right boxes. Print the worksheet when you have moved all the pictures and give it to your teacher for marking.
2 Podcast Level 4. Listen to Kim talking about what she eats and drinks. Print and complete this true/false worksheet.
3 Podcast Level 5. Listen to Kim talking about mealtimes. Print and complete this true/false worksheet.
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